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Nubian Divine

Years of experience: 33
Position: Royalty

Nubian Divine Divine has an education in business , Holistic Therapy, Spirituality , Business, Marketing, Branding and so much much more. With 33 years experience helping both small business, Individuals, as well as large industries improve any of life's challenges. Making anything that comes your way enlightened with ease.

                     Our MISSION

Many People are Infamous for Planning Vacations but Never Plan Their Lives.

Loving yourself is one of the greatest gift that you can give to yourself. Do you approve of yourself? Our Mission is merely to help one dis-cover ones true Rhythm and life's purpose.

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Life can be highly Challenging. We offer Holistic Therapy, Sound Therapy, Color Therapy, Crystal Clearings, Chakra Balancing, Financial Consulting and Clearing, Relationship Consulting. (twin Flame/ Soul Mate), Indigo, Crystal Starseed Consulting.