Dear Divine Beings

Once I Tapped in to My Akashic Records, I took my time taking a look around. I was there where I realized that I was Chasing Love outside of Myself. It was within me all the time. I will now take off my bandages and show the World my Scars in efforts to help and heal others.

I AM The Vine of Life A Divine New Being. I Now Spread My Wings. Give up 4 what. We've just got started. Join me as I take you on a Journey.

" My Massive Download".

A Journey Towards Your Higher Self. You will Never Be The Same. I was Born 4 This. I was Created to Help. You are NOT Alone. The Universe has heard your cry. NOW.... Go within. It is there where you will find your answers.ill shape-shift us all into higher consciousness or lower vibrational atmospheres. Chose your friends and Spaces wisely. We are always being tested. Remember to focus on your goals and not your problem and there will always be a path of Escape. You choose your Escape based on your Thoughts, Words actions and Deeds.

Each and everyone of us are CURRENTLY EXPOSED. The Bible referred to the Sacred Codes as Judgement day. Know that we are in the Days of Inner Judgement. Your eyes are the windows of your soul, The inner cameras within your eyes has been recording you since conception. You will Now reap the benefits of your true inner assets based off of how you've treated others as well as Self.

Special Thanks to my Spiritual Friends and Family who are still by my side and believed in me when I couldn't find the strength to believe in myself. I Love my Family because they Hold me up while I Hold you Up. & 4 This I am So Grateful For.
I Love Each and Everyone of you. So Very much. Now its time to Love yourself

Be That Condor use your wings. Now Rise -Nubian Divine

                        My Massive Download-

         Your Journey towards your Higher Self