About Nubian

Nubian Newz has been uplifting Vibrations all over the planet for many lifecycles. We Are The Energy Signature of 144 Thousand Megahertz beams in from Star Sirius Master Forces sent and backed by Cosmic Elders fulfilled with massive insights of past present and future timelines.

 Here at Nubian Newz we have become noted through many testimonies, with our hand in helping to heal the Masses. One of our Many Highlights has been to focus on healing the brokenhearted and set at liberty those who have been wounded and bruised by lack of Love of Self.

Another Energy Signature highlight of our Specialty is Integrating ones Autonomy of self-mastery through the portals of past, present Bloodline trauma that has cause Blockages throughout Generations, prohibiting one effort to move forward from taping into ones own Inter Quantum Field of Grandness.

Our Goal is to help as many Beings Possible Vibrate harmonically with one’s own DNA Coded art of Cupid. Give Nubian Newz a Chance to show you who Neo In the Matrix became an Ascended Master in our Oracle Realms.

Nubian Divine Nubian Newz Nubian Newz Nubian Divine